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SMTP Authentication is required when sending email using Mail.COM.Sg server.

We have set up both a POP and an SMTP server,, which is a closed relay and requires authentication. POP and SMTP authentication is well supported by most email clients available today. Please be assured that we will continue to maintain this mail servers as closed relays to prevent SPAM and to also prevent from being black listed by other ISPs around the world.

The mail clients/programs supported are:

  1. Outlook Express 4.x and above.

  2. Netscape Messenger 4.x and above.

  3. Eudora 4.x and above.

  4. PINE

The settings for your mail program are as follows:

POP3 server address: | Port:110   (This server requires authentication for you to receive mails)

SMTP server address: | Port:25 (This server requires authentication for you to send mails)