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We have a new online registration facility for all email users who would like to use the Mail.Com.SG domain as their email address.


Pay Monthly $5.00 FREE

Setup Fee FREE

Total Disk Space 3 MB

99.5% Uptime YES

POP3 email access 3 MB / POP Account

Auto-Responders Unlimited

Email Forwarders Unlimited

Password Protection YES

This is a real POP email service.
Please read and understand our SPAM policy on this web site before sending unnecessary queries about our services.

Additional Features:

  • Mail Filters: Forward, Move and Delete incoming messages automatically. When you create a mail filter you set the criteria and what to do if the incoming message meets the specified criteria. Mail filters are an excellent way to remove unwanted spam, move messages to the appropriate folder and keep your inbox manageable.
  • Address Book: Keep an address book of your most frequently used email addresses. Your personal address book will be available to you anytime you reply, forward or compose new mail.
  • Email Groups: Email groups allow you to group together email addresses under one common name. For example, you could create an email group named "family", this group would contain the email addresses of all of your family members. Whenever you want to send a message to everyone in your family you would simply type "[family]" in the (To) field and send your message. We will automatically send the message to all members in the group.
  • Search: Having trouble finding a specific message? No problem. With the search feature you can perform a keyword search of your messages. You can search by email address, subject line, message body or all of the above.
  • Personal Calendar: Use the personal calendar to remember that important date or appointment. The personal calendar will automatically remind you up to a month ahead of time.
  • POP3 Retrieval: With the POP3 tool you can retrieve mail from your POP3 email accounts. Just enter your username, password, how often you want to check the account and we will take care of the rest. Your mail will be waiting for you in your inbox. You also have the option of manually checking a POP3 account.
  • POP3 Access: Setup any email client to get your email at your Mail.Com.SG address.
  • Auto Responder: With the auto responder you can send a pre composed reply to all incoming messages.
  • Signature: Create a personal signature that you can have automatically added to your outgoing messages.
  • Personal Preferences: Mail.Com.SG provides you with a number of options that you can use to customize how Mail.Com.SG looks and works for you!
  • 3 MB email space: Mail.Com.SG provides you with 3 MB of email space for your files and email.